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Strolling through the labyrinth of life, one can simply not make his way through unless aided by some help. Without this help, this assistance, the only thing possible is getting lost in this confusing, complicated maze. This assistance, in life, comes in the form of various people you come across. And it is impossible not to get influenced by those around you; your family, your friends. But in this age of fictional media and literature, where you have a Batman for every Joker and a Harry Potter for very Lord Voldemort, you come across so many characters that you are bound to relate to one or the other. While some people might view these characters as just another time pass, a simple source of joy in misery but the fact is that, consciously or sub-consciously, these people do intrude into your life, your mindset and end up changing who you are.

Finding my salvation from life’s hectic schedule in television shows and movies, I have come across a plethora of characters that I found entertaining. But having a complex and quirky personality, I never found myself relating to any character; each one seeming either too positive or too negative or simply just very ordinary. Until the day I brought House home. That amazing Fox network drama series, finally, gave me the ironic anti-hero protagonist who mirrored me.

Enter a blue eyed, unshaven, cane wielding, gray-haired maniac who is actually a maverick diagnostician. He’s a brave, brilliant doctor. He’s a professional who doesn’t know what the word means. He eats off strangers’ lunches. He has just one rule; to defy all rules. He’s arrogant. He’s pompous. And whoever you are, he hates you. And if you hate him back. He doesn’t give a damn. He’s callous. He’s self absorbed. He’s Dr Gregory House.

Or you can very well replace just the name from that description with Rohail Salman; minus the Dr.

Indeed, it’s true; House not just resembled me, he influenced the change in me too. A nightmare, as a role model, for parents who want their child to be a little angel, I found much of myself in that blue-eyed and shabbily dressed figure. Not only did he help me realize and work out many of my problems but his flamboyant antics also guided me on what not to do; so I would not become a complete social outcast like him.

But let’s face it. House’s arrogance stems from the fact that he is an absolute genius and he knows it. And if any of you had such complete confidence over your brilliance, and hence your job, even you would do the wackiest of things. Even though the majority hates his guts and despises his egotism, it does always work out for him, at the end. By not listening to others when he knows he is right; and not giving up, just because losing a patient means losing his pride, he does end up saving so many lives; even if they are just some highly-paid actors scripted to lie down and act sick. And even though I have no wish to be bequeathed with this arrogance, the joy of knowing that you are right and the other person is wrong is like none other. With House I learned how important knowledge is; even if it means ridiculing another person for not knowing enough.

Coming to his un-sentimental nature, it was one thing I could relate to very strongly. For House, being un-sentimental was a pre-requisite for his profession; one thing which all the doctors out there should adopt and one thing which represented House’s seldom visible professional side. However, with me, it was something different. Coming from a society which considers unsentimental attitude worthy of frowning, I found it really hard to fight my nature; and change. Watching how House handled his peers and never altered even in the most dramatic of times made me realize that I did not need to change. Nature made me this way; there was no use fighting my temperament. So while being sympathetic to many causes and during many situations, I still never got compelled to express my emotions very openly.

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