Non-Violent Parenting Methods

Topics: Suffering, Aggression, Violence Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 12, 2013
“Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a parenting method since early centuries. It is believed that violent methods can force a child to distinguish the right from wrong, and an effective way to discipline a child. However, it is also likely to affect the child’s behavior, strain the relationship between child and parents, and hurt the child physically and mentally. The cons of violent methods outweigh the pros; therefore, children are better off if they are raised non-violently.

First of all, violent punishments may lead to children’s violence and aggressive behaviors. Children tend to observe and imitate their parents’ actions, because parents are the best role models for children. If parents use violence on children, the children will find that violence is the best way to solve problem. So, instead of solving problems with intelligence, they will solve with violence, just as their parents did. If every child has the same behavior, the society will be violent and uncivilized. On the other hand, if children are taught patiently and non-violently, they will be more courteous and understandable, thus create peacefulness in the society.

Moreover, training children with violence may strain the relationship between the children and parents. Some children refuse to learn from physical punishments, so violence will only lead them into growing up with hatred and revenge. It can also cause the children not to love you and disrespect you with every chance they get. For example, when parents often practice violence to their children, the children will somehow get accustomed to this type of punishment that they no longer fear it, it may soon foster up negative feelings for their parents or even fight back and hurt each other. Eventually, children will lose trust, love and respect in their parents, as the way their parents treat them devastates their self-esteem.

Lastly, punishing children physically may hurt them not only physically but also mentally. Abuse can...
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