Non Verbal Speech Essay

Topics: Sign language, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Non-verbal communication at the beach.
In this essay I will discuss the various non verbal behaviors I observed on the beach during the weekend. I was at Jacksonville beach over the weekend and I watched the various beach goers having a good time. I live on Atlantic blvd and only about fifteen minutes away from the beach. I enjoy the drive to the beach and when I first moved to Jacksonville, the beach was one of my favorite locations. I still enjoy going to the beach and usually visit at least once a month. Growing up in England I didn't get a chance to enjoy the sun very much and even when going to the beach in Brighton, it wasn't that fun because it was a pebble beach. The beach like any location I could have chosen, has many different kinds of people of all ages. However during the weekend you usually see a lot of young men and women sunbathing, swimming or playing some games. As it was a very busy weekend and also since the tide can get loud, sometimes people resort to non verbal communication when they are unable to hear each other and even if they can hear each other a fair amount of nonverbal communication takes place. Non verbal communication usually serves some function, especially at the beach. Gestures and signals are used often at the beach; sometimes regardless of the level of the relationship.

While at the beach I observed many behaviors. The ambient noise of all the people and the tide was quite loud and therefore I saw a little more non verbal communication than usual. Whether it was someone trying to get another persons attention by waving frantically or just someone pointing to the cooler asking for someone to throw them another drink, there were many examples of non verbal communication. It is interesting to note that certain gestures have very different meanings in different cultures. For example the simple wave, which means hello in America can be interpreted as an insult in Nigeria and Greece. (1) I witnessed a person gesturing to...
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