Non-Verbal Cues Exhibited

Topics: Tourism, Kenya, East Africa Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 12, 2013

In the last 30 years tourism has developed to become one of the major world economic activities and world’s fastest growing sector, with an average growth of 7.1% in arrivals and 12.5% receipts. It is the second, only after oil, world’s leading export commodity, accounting for global earnings of more than $300 billion, nearly 25 % of total GNP (Gross National Product). Over the decade of the 1990s, Africa has experienced a rise in tourist arrivals from 8.4 million to 10.6 million and receipts growth from $2.3 billion to $3.7 billion, respectively. Tourism means entertainment, relaxation, freedom, money and comfort. It is traveling for pleasure and recreation either alone or with a loved one. However it can still be defined as the phenomenon arising from temporary visits (or stays away from home) outside the normal place of residence or usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business, and other purposes. Tourism implies that a person takes a journey, which can be of a day or various days, and that can be within a national boundary, which be classified as a domestic tourist trip or a journey which crosses an international boundary which will be classified as an international tourism trip. Kenya boasts such big rivers as the Tana and Athi, which drain into the Indian Ocean. Kenya owns a part of Lake Victoria, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world which is also the source of River Nile. Lying astride the Equator, the country is divided lengthwise by the Great Rift Valley that runs from Jordan in the North to Mozambique in the south. The main tourist attractions are photo safaris through the 19 national parks and game reserves. Other attractions include the mosques at Mombasa; the renowned scenery of the Great Rift Valley; the coffee plantations at Thika; a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, across the border into Tanzania, and its beaches along the Indian Ocean. Kenya is on the east coast of Africa and was one of the...
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