Non-Verbal Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Facial expression, Communication Pages: 3 (710 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Title: Written Assessmment 2
Module: Communications & Customer Care
Tutor: Tom Edwards

Name: Eilis Beattie
Student No: G00263195
Course: HC in Arts Bar Supervision
Date: 27th March 2012

For this assessment I have chosen to write about non-verbal communication being the foundation of the relationship between staff and customers. I will be doing my research using the internet and books and notes given in class. I will be talking about non-verbal communication and how it is used between staff and customers.

Main Body
Non-verbal communication is communication without words, it is communicated by hand gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and body language it can also be sent and received through the clothes we wear and our hair styles.

In the hospitality industry non-verbal communication is very important when dealing with customers. It is important to be able to read the signs of non-verbal communication as there are tell tale signs of when a customer is upset, happy, un-impressed etc. with the service you are providing. It is also very important for the staff to act in a professional manner and to try to control their non-verbal communication as much as possible. Non-verbal communication can tell if you are being truthful to a person and if your listening to what they are saying. When the signals of non-verbal communication coincide with the words you are saying it can build trust, clarity and rapport with a customer, if they do not coincide with the words you are saying it can lead to mistrust, confusion and generate tension between staff and customers. Non-verbal communication cues can play five roles, these roles are: * Repetition: they can repeat the verbal message that a person is sending. * Contradiction: they can contradict a verbal message.

* Substitution: they can substitute a verbal message, for example a person’s facial expression can send off a greater message then the message given verbally. *...
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