Non-Profit Marketing- Problems and Future Challenges

Topics: Marketing, Non-profit organization, Non-governmental organization Pages: 12 (4235 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Non-Profit Marketing- Problems and Future Challenges
Raja Gopal Panigrahi, M.Com, MBA. M.Phil [PhD]
Associate Professor
Dr.N.S.Kolla School of Business
Visakhapatnam-531163 [AP]

Marketing is being blamed for creating materialism in society and also for creating unnecessary demand for Products and Services, which the customer would not have asked for. It is because of marketing that the suppressed desires of the materialistic world take over the moral man and loads into being a hedonist. But people also feel that marketing is responsible for what has happened to the world over the years and what will happen in the future. People belonging to their school of thought are of the opinion that marketing creates surplus in the form of profit and profit making organization in turn, spend their returns on designing and development product and services, which enhanced the standard of living of people and deliver desired value to consumers. The latter school is guided by Adam Smith’s principles of ‘Invisible Hand: Both the schools of thought try to rationalize the existence of marketing as an economic process, either to create and distribute value or to deliver value to consumers. The scope of business was confined to economic transactions between the producer and marketers. Though each of them part of the social Institutions and operated under social framework and structure, it was realized very late that marketing can also be used to address social issues. In a traditional sense, marketing is broadly defined as process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of Ideas products and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. A broader definition of marketing delved into the process of social exchange in which both producers and marketers looked into the effects of product conception development, design, distribution and delivery of products from social point of view. Marketers also started viewing marketing tools and strategy as vehicles for application in the context of non-business enterprises like government, public sector and charities. Here onwards marketing was looked as a change vehicle and potent weapon for bringing desired effects on responsible corporate social behavior use of marketing tools in the social context started in the middle of the last century when organization with and without profit motives started mass campaigns for a cause or an idea. A successful social information campaign should have a high level of monopoly so that there should not be any contradicting messages to the objective of the campaign. However, many of the social campaigns in a free society have complementary or alternate campaign, which do not allow them to have certain level of monopoly. Let us take an example of an anti-smoking campaign. Though the message, “smoking causes cancer” is evident everywhere and firms marketing tobacco-related products mention this line over their products, but there are campaigns on cigarettes and liquor that promote lifestyle patterns. Mass and information-oriented campaigns depend on the favorable public attitude. Pre-existing attitudes are easier to reinforce than to change. Non - Business Marketing

The Non- business Marketing involves marketing activities carried out by individuals and organizations to achieves some goals other than normal business goals explained in the form of returns on investments, growth or increase in the profit. We can classify non –business marketing as social marketing and non – profit marketing Types of Non-Business Marketing

Social Marketing Concept for Non-Profit Organization [NPO]
Non-profit organizations work the motto of sub serving social interests. They may or may not charge for the services offered. The defined principal of social marketing makes it essential that the organizations where the conceptualization process is to switch on place social interests...
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