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Topics: A Great Way to Care, Ministry, Zion Pages: 7 (2432 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Daughter of Zion started out as a small women support group where women shared their different life stories with purpose in encouraging each other. Pastor Naike Kasongo a charismatic leader decided that she would make the support group officially into a registered nonprofit Christian organization in Texas. Pastor naike Kasongo solicited a sister church name Temple of Praise to assist her in her new journey and in 2004 she officially started the Daughter Zion ministry and assumed an active role as the founder of the Daughter of Zion Ministries; with vision to see a generation of women single or married, empowered and standing firm in the word of God, a generation of women serving God and loving who they are. With this in mind, the Daughter of Zion ministries decided to put in place different programs that would incorporate its portrayed Vision. Before long, what started as a small modest group meeting grew to becoming an international ministries with different branches Princess Daughter of Zion also known as PDOZ (age 3 to 12), Rising Daughter of Zion also known as RDOZ (age12 to 18) and Daughter of Zion also known as DOZ (age 18 and up); through this different group, each female is thought and ministered on how to find their identity in Christ.

Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses
Due to the ministry strong global presence, in spiritual life and daily activities are many aspects that must be taken into consideration. There are positive aspects about the ministry; aspects that give the ministry strength:

1. The fact that they use a wide arrangement of ways with a large amount of time to fulfill each of its client’s personal thirst. 2. Name recognition, because Daughter of Zion ministries has been around so presently, it is recognized and respected both internationally and domestically. The first organizational strength would be the ability to use a wide arrangement of ways with a large amount of time to fulfill each of its client’s personal thirst. This they do thru the use of hosting different monthly meetings. The Meetings are lead through the use of biblical principles and practical life coaching tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful successful life. The reason being for using these different tactics of outreach is so that the different workshop can fit and feed each woman’s emptiness so they can better their lives. During the women retreats, daughter of Zion ministries steps it up by investing time, money and energy into the different task. There are not only prayer meetings done but also are different workshop led by respected business owner or experience careered of the metroplex; this is done so they can meet the need of its clientele. Despite popular demand, daughter of Zion ministries is very aware of its social responsibility. Not only does the Daughter of Zion assist the attendee in the spiritual specter but also through social supportive department by donating cash and products to different charitable organizations. The second organizational strength is the Ministry Name recognition. Daughter of Zion ministries has had a global present that has led it to being recognized and respected both internationally and domestically. Through the use of social media such as Facebook or twitter daughter of Zion ministries has consistently been appealing to its consume. Every female seeking ways to be on their different spiritual path or personal growth has been able to experience the same taste that was provided to the ministry’s physical guest. Thru the use of this tactic Daughter of Zion is constantly increasing and bettering their domestic and international presence. Today, Daughter of Zion is receiving massive invitation to go and open up other branches across the world especially in Africa. With the use of the network that the ministry has built many pastors want to branch up with the nonprofit so it can be an additional tool to use with the other department it has....
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