Non Performing Assets

Topics: Balance sheet, Asset, Warning system Pages: 53 (14368 words) Published: February 9, 2011

The research study was done on the problems of credit risk faced by the Indian Overseas Bank after lending loans to the customers. The main objective of the study is to find out the level of Non Performing Assets, which affects the performance of bank pertaining to kodambakkam branch. The study also goes on in examining the recovery procedure that are followed by the bank in reducing the NPA and how far the bank has been successful in reducing the level of NPA. The scope of the project is limited to Indian Overseas Bank at kodambakkam Branch.

The research methodology used in the study is analytical research, the method of data collection is secondary data. The secondary data is collected from the banks NPA reports. The analysis of the data is done by using accounting tool ratio analysis. In addition to this simple statistical technique of Graphical representation is used for better comprehension & presentation.

The finding of this analysis shows that the Bank has focused its attention in consciously shedding high cost deposits, cautious credit expansion and has made a successful role in NPA Recovery.
The suggestion given by the study is that the bank should have its own independent credit rating agency which should evaluate the financial capacity and conditions of the client at the time of credit facility and the government should also take necessary recovery process which can make the recovery process fast and effective.


Any project big or small, cannot be successful without the support of many people. Here I deem fit to express my gratitude to them.

I wish to record my sense of gratitude to The Chairman of R.M.K Group of Institutions Sri R.S.Munirathinam and Dr. K.Rameshwaran (Principal), R.M.K.Engineering College for their moral support and providing me the facilities to complete my project.

I wish to express my special and heartfelt thanks to Prof Dr. Prema Sankaran, Head of the MBA Department of R.M.K Engineering College, for her motivation and inspiration in doing this project.

I am indeed grateful to my Mentor Prof Dr. Sankaran S, Department of Management studies, R.M.K Engineering College for providing necessary guidance and support to do my project. I thank all the faculty members for their valuable help and advice for the project.

I also like to place on record my profound thanks to Mr.Kulashekar (Assistant Manager), Mr.Krishaan (Chartered Accountant) and Mr.Mahesh (Trainer), Indian Overseas Bank, Kodambakkam Branch, for their expert guidance and extraordinary help which they have rendered in getting me practical experience in the working environment.

Finally, I express my gratitude and thanks to my family and friends for the continued encouragement for the successful completion of this project.


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