Non-Parental Care

Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Non-parental Care
Brandy Smith
SOC 312 Child, Family & Society
Julia Black

Non-parental Care
In the past century, there has been a massive increase of mothers who have entered the workforce as women have taken on expanding roles in their occupations accompanying the men in our society (Marshall, 2004). In this paper, I will explore the 3 different kinds of non-parental childcare and analyze the influences it may have on a child’s psychological, social and cognitive development. In today’s society, it is very common that both parents take on the role of being a breadwinner, seeking a higher education and pursuing their career dreams. This has contributed to the 60 percent of children ages 0-6 and the 50 percent of children ages 6-14 who receive part time or full time alternative childcare other than from their parents. (Berns, 2010). These statistics have raised questions to researchers as to whether or not children in a day care setting are at any advantages or disadvantages because they spend so much of their time outside of the home. Most children are exposed to some nonparent care carried out either in various institutions or by nannies, friends, and extended families. The effects of nonparental care, and especially of institutional care; on children have an important bearing on their overall desirability. It is difficult to assess the evidence, not only because some the available data are contradictory (and often research on childcare is ideologically driven), but also because much of the existing institutional childcare is deficient and thus adequate empirical evidence is very difficult to gather for infants, kindergartens for preschool children, and school and after-school activities for older children. When you talk about child care you think of what to expect. There are many types’ in-home care, family day care, and center-based care. When thinking about in-home care; you search for someone that would be trust to...
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