Non Monetary Rewards in the Workplace

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  • Published : July 10, 2005
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The following paper was written to discuss Non-Monetary rewards in the workplace. Several websites were researched in order to gather as much info on the subject as possible so that I can present all sides of the subject to you in the most effective manner. For many years employers have been looking for ways to help their employees be more effective and happy with their work, one of the most effective ways to promote a better working environment and to have employees who will work harder to get the job done with speed and quality is to offer non-monetary rewards for their efforts.

Introduction: What are Non-Monetary rewards?
Non-monetary rewards are small and mostly non-costly rewards given to employees in recognition of a job well done. Like a child gets taken out to ice cream after cleaning the house or given a cookie for cleaning their room, an employee also needs to be shown that their work is being noticed by his employer. As an example I will show a list of the top five Non-monetary rewards that employees look for these days. "Top Five Non Monetary [misspelling (needs hyphen) -- "Non-Monetary"] Items Employees Want in the Workplace : 1.Opportunity to Learn, Develop and Advance as an Employee.

Employees understand they need to grow, learn and develop new skills in order to advance. The ability to be able to choose their assignments and rise to new challenges offered by new responsibilities. 2.Flexible Hours.

Family, children, friends, church, sports, hobbies and other activities all have demands on today's employees. A flexible schedule or the occasional afternoon off can help employees meet some of these obligations. By allowing some flexibility in an employees schedule you can increase their desire and motivation. 3.Recognition.

In today's high paced work environment it [To what does "it" refer? If a pronoun is used without first identifying for what it stands, the reader might be confused.] is reported that employees consider...
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