Non Medical Incidents

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Identify non medical incidents that may occur in the work place.

Emergency -

An emergency could be if a child goes missing, if someone leaves a door open and they can get out of the building or when they go on a school trip a child could walk off without anyone knowing.


A fire could start in the kitchen if any of their equipment is faulty or if there is faulty wiring throughout the building.


A security incident could occur if you do not cover the pin code you have to put in to enter the building and some stranger sees you and comes in with the children.

Outline the actions to take in response to the following situations.


There should be a signing in and out book that the parents have to sign each time they come to collect their child. The door handles should be high up so that the children cannot reach them but the staff and parents can.


If a fire occurred you would set of the fire alarm to warn everybody that there was a fire and all staff and children would leave the building in a calm and sensible way to the designated point. Babies will be placed in mobile fire cots and 2 members of staff will wheel each cot to the assembly point. Nursery officers would pick up the registers. Registers would then be taken and a head count to ensure that everyone was out of the building . The manager would then check all areas including toilets, staff room , baby changing area and the sleep room. Make sure you close all the doors behind you when leaving each room. The fire brigade would then be called to put out the fire and no one will be allowed back into the building un until it is safe.

Security -

Ensure that all staff , students and volunteers have been checked for criminal records by the criminal records bureau. All staff should wear id badges and a uniform so you know they are staff. Photographs of all staff at main entrance. There should be a pin code to...
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