Non Financial Methods of Motivating Employees

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AO2: Identify and evaluate non-financial methods of motivating and empowering employee’s Scenario: You work for a HR firm as an advisor. You feel that the motivation across the business has really slipped and you know that something needs to be done. Task: Put together a report detailing the non-financial methods of motivation and empowerment (job rotation, job enrichment, job enlargement, flexible working, team building, team working, quality circles, work councils, goal and target setting). In the report, explain what each of method involves, analyse their advantages and disadvantages and then come to a conclusion as to whether the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages. You must use examples to support. There are many non-financial methods of motivation and empowerment, in this report I will be outlining the pros and cons for each non financial method and creating a conclusion as to whether the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages. Down below is a list of all non-financial methods of motivation and empowerment: 1. Job rotation

2. Job enrichment
3. Job enlargement
4. Flexible working
5. Team building
6. Team working
7. Work councils
8. Goal and targeting setting
Job rotation means an employee doing different types of jobs at various times for example a maths teacher might cover for an English class this would be job rotation or a teacher helping another department e.g.) IT department. The advantages of job rotation:

The benefits of job rotation for the employee are that it allows you to explore a new job role and therefore gain new skills and experiences. For example the science teacher who is helping out the maths department may learn new numerical skills and organizational skills. Another benefit it is that it creates new challenges for the workers allowing them to adapt themselves to new environments. For example teaching a class about a new topic that you have never taught before. A benefit to the company is that they will save money on recruitment and finding a new employee to work in the company because now another employee can be doing job rotation instead of recruiting a new employee to do the job instead which will lead to the company paying the new employee wages, costs on recruitment process (wages of the interviewee, advertising job etc...) The disadvantage of job rotation:

The cons of job rotation is that it can be confusing for the worker because the worker will be introduced to a new job role which may be very different to their previous job role, therefore they may not know what work is required for each job role. This can cause large number of issues such as workers being stressed out. An example of this could be that a employees job role is to work for the finance department and then they had to have a job rotation to work in the marketing department this could be very confusing and difficult for the worker because the skills and experiences you need for the job role you may not have and this way you would have to adapt to a new environment which may be hard for some employees to do. Another disadvantage of job rotation is that it can lead to an unbalanced work load which can be a major problem for the employee because they may have to deal with two different workloads which could clash together in terms of time or meeting deadlines. Another disadvantage of job rotation for the company is that you may have to train staff to help out on a specific job role for example estate agencies if you were working behind the desk but then you got assigned to be a tour guide then you may have to be trained and learn new skills for example how to sale properties, being able to communicate etc… Lastly another disadvantage is that the Employee who is doing job rotation may receive their same salary as there previous job role for example if there were a human resources manager before and they received £38,000 a year and then they had a job rotation to work in the finance...
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