Non-Fiction Essay How Soccer Explains the World an Unlikely Theory of Globalization

Topics: Third World Pages: 9 (3694 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Globalization, “The Sport”
Soccer, the most popular sport in the world that has brought cities and nations together can be used as a metaphor to show how the world has grown together over time. Soccer, more commonly known as “The Beautiful Game” or “The World Game.” When the world stops for 90 minutes to witness that one thing we all understand, this is soccer. Soccer was first Recorded during the second and third centuries B.C. in China, where people would kick balls into small nets. The football association was started at the Freemason’s Tavern in 1863; it eventually would change to FIFA in 1904, as countries from around the world would join the association. (Jezek) Eventually as the association would expand and gain popularity they created a tournament for National teams to showcase the world’s best soccer players and compete for the title of being the best soccer team in the world, this was the birth of The World Cup in 1930. The first world cup was to be held in Uruguay. Four years later, the second World Cup was held in Italy. This association has grown over the last 80 years, including over 208 member associations and over 200 million active player it has, without a doubt, grown to be the most popular sports federation in the world. (The History of FIFA.) With leagues like Barclays Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain, The Bundesliga in Germany, and Serie A of Italy, there is no surprise that the sport has grown to such notability in the modern world. The Football League First division, the first English league was created in 1888 for 24 teams, now Barclays Premier League, being the first division in English soccer started in 1992 with 22 teams accompanied by thousands of other leagues that form part of the English Soccer pyramid. (History of the Premier League.) The home of soccer is in England; however, it has spread everywhere, from the streets of New York, to the favelas of Brazil; from the polo fields of England, to the Alleys of Venice; it is played everywhere and by everyone. Youngsters admire new talented players such as Messi and Ronaldo, Meanwhile older spectators reminisce about the days when Pele and Franz Beckenbauer controlled the pitch. It has brought countries together to encourage players during The World Cup. When third world countries classify for The World Cup it gives them hope and optimism. It brings the entire nations in unison for a month to cheer on national teams when competing amongst some of the strongest countries. It is evident that sports have the power to bring people together and help nations move forward. Soccer demonstrates how the world conjoins and grows into better eras. Franklin Foer, author of How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization, gave a perspective of globalization in the form of soccer. He provided examples of how religious issues have intertwined into “The Beautiful Game” causing racial tension and discrimination toward fanatics of certain teams. Foer travels around Europe, interviewing soccer fans of various clubs and providing journal entries from his journeys. Foer wrote masterfully for his soccer-crazed audience giving phenomenal interviews from clubs that could only be obtained by interacting with face to face with some of the most malevolent and vicious fans of European soccer. Foer researched this subject well showing his professionalism to get acts. Foer also wrote Journalistic entries that supported his theory of globalization. Foer fused all the necessary elements in a well-balanced manner to write an intriguing non-fiction book. To excel in writing a non-fiction book and fully persuade the audience, an Author must have the expertise in the area he is writing about, a conversation with a respectable topic that would form an argument, and proper structure through the book that will navigate a reader through the course of the story. Franklin Foer, Author and Editor received outstanding reviews from The Wall Street Journal,...
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