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In Him Church
Glendale, Arizona
Service Attendance Paper
Religion 315

Non-denomination, the not denominational denomination.
In the past couple of decades the rise in non-denominational churches has been increasing greatly and are said to be the second largest group of Protestants (Moore, 2011). It is said that most that break off and become apart of this fast growing belief come from a protestant upbringing. The study shows that more people are determining on where to worship by how they like the nursery, if the worship music is good, is it close to home, rather than I am a Catholic I need to go to a Catholic Church. As of 2010, four percent of Americans fall into this non-denominational group (Thumma, 2010).

As you probably guessed, non-denominational churches are churches that don’t align themselves under a denomination. To break that down even further they basically depending on themselves for everything, they do not have to answer to the higher up of a main denomination for what they decide to do. Non-denominational churches focus more on change (in a good healthy way) rather than tradition like other denominations (Yeakley, 2013). It is thought of as a freedom from traditional religion as we know it. As it continues to grow it is forming into its on denomination as the title suggests. Though not a denominations like Catholicism or Presbyterians more of new way to attend church, the way you want to, be as involved or not involved, and love God how you see fit. The United States is a fast pace country to live in and as we have less and less time each day this new way of worship is being created for those who want to worship in a less traditional sort of way. I decided to attend a non-denominational church to see what the new hype is all about. I was raised in and out of the Catholic Church as a child. Now as an adult I regularly attend a United Methodist Church. I got the idea to attend this sort of church, because a lot of my family members back home have left our local Catholic Church and have stuck out and found new churches. I knew I would be home for Easter weekend, and I decided to call a cousin and see if they would care if I attended Easter Service with their family. I was received with open arms and that’s where my journey began.

I knew I had to attend this new church, and I had no clue on what I needed to wear. Usually when I go home and go to the usual Catholic Church I need to dress up, but at my new church here in St. Louis, casual is the norm. Also with it being Easter Sunday, I felt the need I needed to double-check the dress code. I was informed that anything I decided to throw together would be just right. With a sigh of relief I decide just to pack a nice outfit, I mean I was going to being in Arizona in March, which means high 80’s, nothing like the 12 inches of snow and 30 degree weather I would be leaving.

Easter Sunday rolls around I put on my semi Sunday best and wait for a ride to church. I would be attending In Him’s 10:00 am service. I though ok this is good I should be out of there by 1115 then off to my family get together. No not quite my usual one hour service, I would come to find out that it was an almost two hour service. Definitely different then what I was use to, it reminded me of when I was a child and my Grandma would take me to Mass and it would feel like forever.

As we arrived it wasn’t a huge set of church buildings. It wasn’t a cute little church like I attend now, no I was in awe this church was located in a local high school auditorium. The roads leading to the location had signs and balloons encouraging all those new and old to attend their Easter service. The parking lot had been transformed and there were attendants directing each car on where to park. There were tons of people arriving and all those that new my cousin would great her and bless her. As we approached the gate there was a stand with more greeters offering water and...
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