Non Competitive Market Examples

Topics: Mail, Knockout, Perfect competition Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: December 6, 2011
This chapter covers what it is like for an industry to live in a non-competitive market. In this chapter it gives good examples of different types of industries that don’t have to worry about a competitive market. It begins off by express how in New York City, taxi drivers are restricted in number to how many can actually run a business. In order to do so, you have to have this medallion that authorizes you to have authority over the entity. Medallions have been sold as high as $175,000 back in the 1990’s and now can be sold as high as $250,000. This enables for no competition within the market itself. From there it goes on to explaining that as an industry or good, is limited in number, it hold a higher value and because of its low supply are able to charge at an extensively high price. The article elaborates that when the government is involved for whenever reason the system is always thrown off balance. However, the article also begins to illustrate on how government involvement is also set to protect the industries that are tying to compete in it. For example with the hair braiding business that were opening up the Californian government focused on ensuring that those who spent considerable time and effort in becoming licensed in cosmetology that they were the ones striving in the business not the unlicensed individuals. Yet, though state level is true, federally the government itself does not like competitive market. This is true when looking at the U.S. postal service vs. FedEx where Congress has issued anyone delivering first class by FedEx is mandated to a postage stamp tax. Overall, with all the many examples that are given in the chapter its main point is that a lot of business hate competitive markets and will try and do anything to beat out the competition in order for them to receive as much of the profits as possible. Based off of the examples that I have read, I feel that the one regarding the pricing on telecommunications is the most harmful of...
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