Non-Commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Tradition

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“How is the Modern Corps’ Non-commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Tradition?”

The United States Marine Corps non-commissioned officers are the Marines who have proven that they are worthy to handle the responsibility to lead junior Marines. The backbone of the Marine Corps as they have been described as. Their job is not just a few tasks’ it’s a large variety of tasks. It requires them to be professional, have courage, and integrity to set the example for others to follow and look to for guidance; thus emulating the corps history nd traditions. Throughout history the loyalty and commitment previous NCO’s have displayed made it a tradition to teach the new NCO’s picking up rank to carry on the standard, which modern NCO’s can be proud of and carry on with pride.

When looking back into Marine Corps history of Medal of Honor recipients, the first on to receive the Medal of Honor was Cpl. John Mackie. He was the very picture of a Marine setting the right example as a non-commissioned. On May 15, 1862 while on board the U.S.S Galena in the Fort Darling attack at Drewry’s Bluff. “As enemy shellfire raked the deck of his ship, Cpl. Mackie fearlessly maintained his musket fire against the rifle pits along the shore, and when he was ordered to fill vacancies at guns caused by men wounded and killed in action, he manned the weapons with skill and courage”. This standard he set of instant and willing obedience to orders and courage is still what NCO’s to this day uphold.

When the word Marine is heard by civilians, the word “loyal” comes to the top of their head. The modern Marine NCO’s are loyal to everything that is important to them and the Marine Corps. They proudly and loyally serve their country, their Corps, their unit, and themselves. They must show loyalty to their junior Marines. It’s their job to mke sure their junior Marines have the right tools to be...
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