Non-commissioned Officer and Respect

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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We respect others so that they might respect us. If you don't show respect, you will not be taken seriously and other people will not be courteous to you. There are many different kinds of respect. There is respect for your parents and superiors which is very important so that you might learn obedience towards others.. Respect for one's religion is very valuable because God gave everyone the right to free will and if people chose to do something that is against what others believe, people still have no right to take that away. Last but not least, respect is shown by the way for talk. If you talk rudely, no one will like you and you will be all alone. Respect is what makes you a good person, showing that you can be a role model for others around you. Your nation shows the way to a good life by being an example of good character. When Americans salute the flag when they are singing the national anthem, you are showing respect to your country. If your country does not let you be free, then how are you suppose to respect them for what they do when they don't? When school children say the Pledge of Allegiance, they pledge to be good citizens for their country. Being patriotic is showing respect to the world around others. Respect or admiration is given to you as a sign of acknowledgment that you have your own opinion in life. That is why when the United States made the first Amendment it was guaranteed you would be free to worship. When people chose to do God's will instead of theirs, they show respect for Him. God is the most important figure in life and so people chose to honor Him. Earning respect always counts on the way you act around others. If a person comes off as disobedient and arrogant, they will not be respected. If they come of as trustworthy and kind, they will be thought of as mature and good. When people blurt out disrespectful words and reject others they show immaturity.Why it is important to respect an Non Commissioned Officer in the United...
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