Non-Aligned Movement (Nam)

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Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an important world organization of the third world countries who do not wish to be aligned with any of the big powers.The NAM can be defined as: “The international forum of the people of the third World who openly condemn and negate the lust for creating the spheres of influence by the super powers and thus is an important and effective organ against Colonialism and imperialism.” REASONS FOR THE FORMATIONS OF NAM

The World War ll devided the world into two power blocs.The Western bloc being headed by U.S.A and the socialist bloc being governed by U.S.S.R. These two super powers involved in cold war creating great problems for the smaller nations and under developed countries.The best policy for such states would have been to isolate themselves from the cold war of the super powersand fully concentrate on their economic,social and cultural uplift .NAM is an organization to help these nations to exist. BANDUNG CONFERENCE

A meeting of those countries of the World who had no alignment with any super was held in Bandung(Indonesia) on April 24,1955.It was held to discuss the problems faced by Afro-Asian countries which was mainly to avoid the “Tug of War” of the super powers. MAIN FEATURES OF NAM OR PANJSHILA PRINCIPLES

The declared principles of NAM are:
1.Respect of Independence and Sovereignty
To respect each others sovereignty,territorial integrity and independence. 2.Avoid Aggression
To refrain from acts of aggression or use of force against any states. 3.Non interference
Non interference in others international affairs.
4.Recognization of Equality and Liberty
To recognize the equality and liberty of all the Nations.
To live in a peaceful atmosphere.
1.To promote good will and cooperation among the Afro-Asian countries. 2.To consider social,economic and cultural problems of all participants. 3.To consider the problems like radicalism and coloniasm.

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