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Topics: War, United States, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The Price of Existence

From now to the end of time both peace and violence have been used to settle all our problems and disputes. Whether it is Russian’s threatening us with bombs or the crazy guy down the street looking to be noticed, people will always result to violence before peace. My stand on this is purely opinion, however I believe violence must be used to obtain peace at times. We all know some things simply cannot go peacefully all the time for we do not all think the same. The question is whether the world can exist peacefully without any of these outbreaks or war.

First off we have to think of how many people the world inhabits. Also we have to think of out of all those people how many different opinions there are. We all know that humanity simply can’t live on rainbows with unicorns. Peace is the global goal for America and many of our partnered countries. There are many great examples in history that will throw you through a loop however and really get you thinking about this topic. My main point being when the settlers first came to soon to be America, they fought off and enslaved all natives. Now let’s think about this. They put the Native Americans through a lot of unneeded pain and torture in the making of the America we have today. Some people see this as cruel, predominately the Native Americans however we see it as if it didn’t happen because this country is now ours. Imagine living at home with your mother and father just as you do now, having a bunch of siblings, and living everyday life worry free because your dad always made sure there was food and your mother made sure everything was always tidy in the household. You never have to worry about a thing, but one day a man with different color then you shows up. At this point they take your women and children and you never see them again. Then they kill all your men that fight for the women and children that have been taken. This results in conquering the “weak” through violence and...
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