Topics: Horse, Cattle, Mongolia Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: April 12, 2013
ташуур - tashuur - horsewhip - its for horse to move them уурга - uurga - its for catch a horse. tying role with missile араг - its a case for pick up any cowpat
тэрлэг - Mongolian traditional clothes. nowadays Mongolians are  wearing terleg at any traditional celebration. домбо - its something copper bottle for milky tea
тулга - iron support of four legs and two or more rings on which a kettle is placed. and burn any wood in tulga тооно - upper frame of the ger. its for to execute sunshine into ger унь - its some lashing tool made by wood. locate between wall and toono of the ger гэрийн өрх - its something like a blind but urkh placed outside on top of the ger.  гэр - Mongolian traditional house. its look like a soup cup. its made by wood, cotton and bat, leather strap. эмээлийн бүүрэг - its some decoration of the emeel хөөрөг - its made by any rarity expensive stones for to welcome any guest. most of the Mongolian people are swap huurug during any conversation. but give it to back. And its including snuff хазаар - its horse driving tool made by leather strap and iron ring. its placed on horse head and mouth хадаг - its made by any cotton or synthetic. it can be many kinds of color. All of the mongolians are give it to respectable person during welcome нударга - its sleeve of the deel looks like a bullion цулбуур - when people walking with the horse they drive horse through tsulbuur. its made by leather strap and connect to khazaar's iron ring чөдөр - its made by leather and iron for restrict to walking horse зайдан морь - its mean to ride a horse without any saddle тохом - felt saddle blanket - its for a horse to insulating from emeel's wood чүчээ - its a horse feeding house. most of the chuchee made by wood гэрийн буйр - its a used space under ger and no grace on that place. гуалин - it hasn't any branch tree. its for build a house or any firewood ууж - woman traditional upper wear

бухал - its a upswepted grace
даахь - child's first hair. it has...
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