Nominating Derek Mahon for an Award

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  • Published : February 28, 2012
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68 Hillside View,
Co. Kildare
27th February 2012
Aos Dána
Merrion Square,
Dublin 2.

Dear Dr.Stevens,
As a devoted lover of poetry, every year I look forward to seeing the nominee list for ‘’Best Irish Poet’’ This prestigious award has never undermined my expectations and each year I agree completely with your choice, However this time I would like to recommend Irish poet Derek Mahon for the award. Mahon is a creative and innovative poet who is true to his Irish heritage yet has the skill to broaden his poetry from our shores to a worldwide experience that everyone can related to. His poetry contain such hidden depth which need be acknowledged and appreciated and what better way to praise him but awarding him with not only a prise but your recognition and expertise.

Derek Mahon has a distinctive style to his poetry. He conveys many impressive techniques and one of these is his ability to give a voice to the voiceless using poetry. Mahon does this in such a deep way using metaphorical imagery, similes and personification that the reader ends up entranced and bewildered as to how both the initial scene and the actual meaning are remotely connected. Mahon does this in many poems including ‘’As It Should Be’’, ‘’After The Titanic’’ and ‘’Antarctica’’ however it is most effective in his most famous poem, ‘’A Disused Shed in Co.Wexford’’. This striking poem discusses ‘mushrooms’ he stumbled upon in a ‘’a disused shed’’ whilst roaming around a ‘’Burnt out hotel’’ in ‘’Co.Wexford’’ , Using his exemplary literary skill Mahon succeeds to convey the voice of ‘’Peruvian miners’’, Those in the concentration camp of ‘’Treblinka’’ and the abused ‘’lost people of Pompeii’’. He eliminates the naivety that many would associate with this humble ‘shed’ of fungi and replaces it with a deeper understanding and awareness of what obviously happens every day around us, Just like ‘’Mushrooms’’ growing in a field nearby....
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