Nomadic Societies

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Central Asia Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Nomadic Societies

How did nomadic societies develop differently than other societies? 
They developed by adapting to the ecological conditions of their arid lands. Due to the lack of rain in central Asia they are not able to support large scale agriculture. The Nomadic people would bring their herds of animals to lands that actually had large amounts of grass, and stubs so that they could graze. They lived off of only meat, milk, and the hides of their animals. They used animal bones for tools and animal feces for fuel. Classify their interaction with the sedentary states. 

Their interaction with the sedentary states was mostly throughout trade and “they sometimes even adopted aspects of secondary cultures, and acted as intermediaries between settled worlds.” (Sanders, Nelson, Morillo, & Ellenberger, 2006, p. 181)   Was it always hostile? 

No, they were not always hostile while interacting with others and they had a very strong military. Because they had such a strong worriers they were able to seize the wealth of settled societies they then were able to build imperial states in the regions surrounding central Asia.

  How were they viewed differently?
* A first century BCE description of the Xiongnu, the archetypal nomadic peoples of the Chinese world. * A late fourth century Roman view of the Huns.
* One of the barbarian groups that invaded the Roman Empire. *  description of the steppe nomads by the tenth-century Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus that reflects both Byzantine experience and the classical legacy of Greek and Roman views and terms * Ibn-Al-Athir gives us an early –thirteenth-century Muslim view of the Mongol attacks on the Islamic World, and Marco Polo, a European who lived for years at the Mongol court, gives us something of an “outside insiders” view of Mongol life. (Sanders, Nelson, Morillo, & Ellenberger, 2006, p. 181)

They also normally did little governing seeing how clans and tribes...
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