Noli Me Tangere an Eye Opener

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Noli Me Tangere an Eye Opener
Noli Me Tangere an Eye Opener
by Mona Lisa H. Quizon During Rizal’s stay in various cities in Europe, he noticed that Filipinos were practically unknown. According to Leon Ma. Guererro, Filipinos were mistaken for Chinese in Spain and Japanese in Paris. Thus during the Paris Exposition in 1889 Rizal picked seven Filipinos including Juan Luna to be part of a society called Indios Bravos in order to uphold the dignity of the Filipinos and to have a sense of national identity. Realizing the need for the Filipinos to be known in Europe, Rizal presented a proposal on writing a novel about the Philippines to the members of the CirculoHispano Filipino on January 2, 1884. The members generally approved his idea. But unfortunately, the project did not materialize because those who are expected to work with him did not write anything on the subject instead most of his fellow expatriates are interested to write about women. Sadly the project died out; on the other hand Rizal became more determined to write his own novel about the Philippines. Rizal was inspired to numerous ideas on writing his first novel from the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, which portrayed the brutalities committed by the American (Whites) against the Negro slaves up to the Wandering Jew by Eugene Sue. He was even motivated by Luna’s Spoliarium. For Rizal, Luna’s canvass conveyed the predicament of the defeated and the wretched agony of the human race. The Spoliarium was a reflection of the spirit of the social, moral and political life of Rizal’s time because it showed the Filipinos under the hardship and injustices in the hand of the tyrants. Indeed these inspirations provided Rizal the springboard to write a novel that will serve as an antidote to the stern illness of the society. Noli Me Tangere according to Schumacher can be considered as a charter of Filipino nationalism. It calls on the Filipino to return to the heritage of their...
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