Nokia Segmentation

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by David Sarokin, Demand Media


Nokia is one of the world's leading providers of cell phones. Related Articles
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Nokia AB, a Finnish company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of cell phones, operates in three primary business segments: Devices and Services, NAVTEQ geographical systems and the Nokia Siemens Network. According to Nokia's annual report for 2010, these three market segments generated $56 billion in sales. The company, founded in 1865, has its roots in heavy manufacturing, including paper mills, rubber products and electric cables. In the 1960's, Nokia entered the telecommunications business which has since become the company's major area of activity. Sponsored Link

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This segment of Nokia's operations focuses on mobile phones and related services, such as software applications, user services like email, and premium content. Devices and Services includes phone design and manufacture as well as supply chain, sales and marketing. In April 2011, Nokia announced that this segment will be subdivided into Smart Devices and Mobile Phones, each of which will have separate management and financial reporting. NAVTEQ

NAVTEQ is a major provider of digital map information and related geographical services. NAVTEQ data is used in mobile phone GPS systems as well as stand-alone GPS units for cars or personal use. Nokia...
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