Nokia Mission

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The business of being responsible
Our interests depend on compliance with the highest standards of business conduct Nokia aims to be among the world's leading companies in responsible business practices We examine the entire value chain and product lifecycles to ensure that we meet the expectations of responsible business

Appropriate business behavior
Nokia communicates its corporate responsibility (CR) ambitions through all of its employees, with work practices reflective of Nokia's Code of Conduct
Nokia believes that real progress is made only when policies and programs are sustainable and embedded in every aspect 3
of a company's operations. Acting responsibly is one of the cornerstones of Nokia's competitiveness and it has shaped our company culture into what it is today. It is the voluntary activities undertaken by Nokia employees that translate into Nokia's corporate responsibility (CR) strategy, functioning as a collective effort of all members of the Nokia community. The Code of Conduct and Nokia's Values are the tools which employees utilize to ensure responsible business practices are common practice in the workplace.

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Veli Sundbäck, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility, leads Nokia's corporate responsibility work at the Executive Board level, and presides over a number of CR teams and management groups, notably the Nokia Corporate Responsibility Steering Group and the Environmental Steering Group. These steering groups are made up of members from Nokia's various business groups. They support Nokia's horizontal and corporate structures, with the aim of encouraging and integrating responsible business elements into both traditional and non-traditional aspects of the overall business. In addition to supporting company-wide initiatives and projects, these teams are responsible for driving...
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