Nokia Company Overall

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Nokia as a company Overall

Nokia has detailed many personality characteristics for its brand. The main focus of Nokia is relationship marketing; the company personality is like a trusted friend. Building friendship and trust is the main objective of the Nokia brand. When Nokia positions its brand in the crowded mobile phone marketplace, its message is to “bring people together”. This gives consumers a sense of trust and consideration by the company, as though to say that Nokia understand what they want in life, and how it can help. And it knows that technology is really only an enabler so that you-the customer-can enjoy a better life. Nokia is a great brand because it knows that the essence of the brand needs to be reflected in everything the company does, especially those that impact the consumer.

“Over the final quarter of 2012, Nokia saw a 12 per cent improvement in the number of customers saying they would get a Nokia next time; from 30 per cent in September 2012 to 42 per cent in December 2012”. - Telcoinabox 2012

Nokia is the market leader in the mobile phone market place; but in the recent years it has been struggling to defend its market leader position as other companies such as Apple, Samsung and Android are now growing on a fast rate; developing new phones that are suitable for the customers. Nokia has been declining due to the fact that is not developing new phones that can compete. In 2011 they released the Lumia series, so they can try and at least keep up with their competitors such as the IPhone or the Samsung Galaxy. If Nokia keeps this up it can lose a great market share in the next 5 years with their existing competitors and new competitors in the near future.

“Nokia has announced the departure of its head of sales as the struggling mobile phone maker, beset by competition from Apple and Samsung and an under-par new product launch, slumped to a loss of £1.1bn.” – The Guardian, UK 2011

In my opinion I think Nokia should look at...
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