Nokia Case Study

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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Nokia Case Evaluation
Envision is a verb that means to picture or conceive the possibility of the future (Farlex, 2011). Nokia’s driving force is sustaining mobile devices that have finite abilities of enhancing social networks through reliable connection. Nokia globally manufactures mobile devices and network communications within 150 countries. The company’s primary focus is connecting people everywhere. Nokia is a world leader that provides mobile communication, driving internet transformation communication convergences, and growth innovative possibilities onto new pioneered horizons. Nokia envisions connecting people as well as the world through enhancing communication, exploring new ways to exchange information, and building relationship where the world can go everywhere. The company website stated Nokia’s mission is to strategically build great mobile products that connect and enable billions of people everywhere to share the experience of getting more of life’s opportunities through mobile communication (Nokia, 2011). Stephen Elop is Nokia’s President and CEO and stated that the intent of the company’s vision is set at a critical juncture. Elop also stated that the company is making significant changes to accelerate a new path for innovative market growth potentials aimed at regaining smartphone leadership, reinforcing the company’s mobile platform (Nokia, 2011). However, the character of Nokia is world leadership, stability, and dependability that realize the company’s future investments are dependent and adjacent on discovering disruptive technologies that is focused on remaining true to the company’s mission of connecting people with speed, accuracy, and accountability.

Appropriate Presentation
Expanded research discussed in Forbes, Sunday Times, Business Week, and RCR Wireless News global 2007-2008 publications pointed out that Nokia’s success was based upon culturally diversity, excellent planned market strategies, and great leadership. These...
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