Nokia Case Study

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Case Study Of NOKIA

NOKIA one of the leading brand in Mobile phone industry. From Rubber Boots to mobile phones. NOKIA made tremendous growth in its early stages. Nokia became the world's largest cell phone maker in 1998 when it overtook Motorola - at a time when Samsung had just entered the industry - and it controlled around 40 per cent of the market for years before Apple Inc's iPhone was unveiled in 2007. In 2003-04 NOKIA was capturing 55.1% of total market share and the net revenue in 2002-03 was Rs 48.96 crores which was increased by 280% in 2003-04.But there was a time when Nokia ruled, Samsung struggled and Apple was nowhere in the phone market. Now the roles are reversed and Nokia is struggling hard not be nowhere.  Samsung has surpassed Nokia in cell phone sales, thereby ending Nokia’s 14-year rule as a leading handset maker. But what's the reason behind Nokia's fall? Here are the possible things that went wrong with Nokia. COMPLACENCY

As a market leader for over a decade, Nokia didn't really plan for the future as it seemed a bit complacent with its products. When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, the first touch phone, Nokia was still priding in its E-series by when the definition of Smartphone had undergone a tremendous change. That was least expected from the pioneer in the Smartphone market. The success of iPhone didn't have any significant impact on Nokia, unlike Samsung, which experimented with off-the-shelf technologies and managed a transition to smart phones much faster than expected. And Nokia, which had launched its first smart phones through its Symbian series 60 in 2002, remained a pioneer with no better future prospects. Nokia failed to anticipate, understand or organize itself to deal with the changing times.

Lack of Innovation

While Samsung comes up with new phones almost every year with a slight modification from the previous launch, Nokia's Windows phone which came in 2011 lacked some basic technology essential to...
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