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Topics: Mobile phone, Retailing, Marketing Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: June 24, 2011
This is what I get for taking a few days rest on the weekend. Darla has found a fantastic freakin blog called Phoneboy, by a guy who works at Nokia, though apparently not directly with handsets. However, he’s recently had the freakin amazing opportunity to ask some top-brass about the lack of presence in the US market, spurred by Tommi’s post (quoting my rant about the same thing).

What’s fascinating is that he was given the same BS about Carrier Customization and blah blah blah. I realize that there’s some truth to that, American carriers are notorious for requiring nasty customization, to the extreme with Verizon, who puts their own whole UI on the phones. However, I think that excuse totally misses the point, and that’s what Phoneboy thought as well. What’s funny is that the conclusion he comes to is the EXACT same thing that I wished for as my 2007 New Years’ Wish, and to my knowledge he doesn’t even read my blog. In fact NO ONE read my blog back then, lol. Read on for my recipe using the 4 P’s of Marketing to save Nokia’s US market share….

Here’s the big one: Nokia keeps saying they have to work with the Carriers. The problem with that statement is that obviously, SOMETHING’S not working. So I (and Phoneboy) suggest that Nokia go with the direct-to-consumer retail route. However, the argument here is that they might trash their relationship with the carriers by doing that.

My response is WHO CARES? In my opinion, the relationship with the carriers was already trashed by the fact that they can’t get a phone out. And once they do, for instance, the E62, Cingular went and crippled the java, so you can’t run popular apps like Google Maps Mobile without having to *constantly* tell the phone it’s ok for the app to access the internet. What a waste.

So we’re back to alternative distribution methods. If you look back at my New Years’ post, I point out that Nokia is the best situated of all the manufacturers for a direct-to-consumer retail stance. And...
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