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Our discussion begins with systems failure and systems failure analysis definitions. A systems failure occurs when a system does not meet its requirements. A laser failing to designate its target, an aerial refueling system failing to transfer fuel at the proper flow rate, a blood chemistry analyzer failing to provide accurate test results, a munition that detonates prematurely, and other similar conditions are all systems failures. A systems failure analysis is an investigation to determine the underlying reasons for the nonconformance to system requirements. A systems failure analysis is performed to identify nonconformance root causes and to recommend appropriate corrective actions. Nokia smartphones provide security and device management capabilities for both the business user and company IT needs. For most business users, security is a transparent feature that enables safe usage of the smartphone. Companies whoenable their employees to access email and other intranet data from smartphones, security accompanied with device management, provides tools to protect sensitive company data against unauthorized access.

Security foundation Nokia Lumia smartphones are shipped from the factory with a pre-installed Nokia certificate. Certificate is used to validate that the smartphone is running Nokia validated authentic software. Certificate is always checked at the time of flash. Nokia certificate is written in the eMMC Secure Storage and forms the foundation for smartphone security. Device lock and wipeNokia Lumia smartphones can be locked using simple PIN or alphanumeric password. Device locking is the first line of defense to protect both personal and business data against theft or loss. User can set the password individually or IT administrator can enforce the use of passwords via Exchange ActiveSync policy. Device can be wiped remotely either using Microsoft Outlook Web Access or Microsoft Windows Live service. Furthermore, IT administrator can...
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