Noises Off

Topics: Theatre, Comedy, Royal National Theatre Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 15, 2013
On the 4th Jan, 2012 we went to London to watch a play written by Michael Frayn. The play is called NOISES OFF.Michael Frayn's comedy is directed by Lindsay Posner. The Venue that this play took place was at the Old Vic Theatre in London. The theatre company for NOISES OFF is Old Victorian Theatre Company. This play was premiered in 1982 and was voted one of the greatest British comedies ever written. NOISES OFF is a play within a play. It is about an ambitious director and his ordinary actors. The cast and crew are putting together an amateur sex comedy titled; NOTHING ON: The play was interesting, amusing and I was astonished to see a kiss scene. I will say this play was more interesting than Travesties because when I was watching Travesties, it was boring, it made me sleep and I end up living the show without knowing what it was about. Whereas in NOISES OFF it was so interesting that I never even thought of sleeping, I was wide awake throughout the show and when I left the show, I knew what it was about and I could explain it better to someone who had not watch. The show was divided into 3 parts. There was Act One: The Dress Rehearsal: While the director trudges through the opening scene of nothing on, the actors keep breaking character. Dottie keeps forgetting when to take her plate of sardines. Garry keeps challenging the stage directions in the script. Brooke is clueless about her fellow performers, and constantly loses her contact lens. Act one identifies the common problems which typically occur during the rehearsal process: 1. Forgetting your lines.

2. Second guessing your director.
3. Misplacing your props.
4. Missing your entrances.
5. Falling in love with fellow cast members.
Because of jealousy, double-crosses, and misunderstandings, tension mounts, and the performances of NOTHING ON went from bad to worse. Act Two: Backstage Antics
The second act of NOISES OFF takes place entirely backstage. Basically, the...
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