Nogo Railroad

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Case Summary: NoGo Railroad

Dave Keller a chief dispatcher with limited managerial experience has gotten a major promotion, making him the communication manager of the division. However this promotion has come with numerous problems. Because of NoGo Railroads unique operations it has had little to no competition and no compelling reason to modernize operations, but that is about to change as Dave has been given the mandate to observe different job functions, eliminate obsolete practices and modernize wherever possible.

With rumors running rampant through the organization of layoffs and job function changes, as well as previous failed attempts to implement other job changes similar to what management is again trying to implement, Dave realizes that he has a few problems ahead of him. With key problems being cutting employee costs and morale problems brought about by blatant nepotism and feather bedding, Dave believes that by eliminating these issues it would prevent major layoff for clerks and telegraph operators. Both groups however would have to accept changes that would result in reduced compensation and possibly additional responsibilities for them all.

With a firm backing from a Union that is known to be rigid against concessions in these areas Dave needs help from upper management that seems to not be forth coming. Coupled with his uncertainty about resistance action that may be taken by the group Dave is feeling vulnerable and apprehensive about his new job and is questioning the intent behind his promotion.

Questions and Task Assignment
1. Identify and explain the changes you would make to the current employment arrangement? Sean Murray & Kemoy Miller 2. What strategies would you put in place to effectively manage the change? Explain the relationship between these strategies and the possible resistance to the changes. – Racheal Callaghan & Aundre Hamilton 3. Using the case as a reference point, explain the importance...
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