Nogo Railroad

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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NoGo Railroad Case Study
NoGo Railroad has some issues within their organization starting with their ancient communications process which needs immediate attention of an experienced manager. However, the operations manager has decided to promote the chief dispatcher Dave Keller who has little to no experience in managing the communications department. This organization has a history of resistance to change which is causing a major problem for the future of this business. Brown (2011) states, “Change is a way of life in today’s organization, but organizations are also faced with maintaining a stable identity and operations in order to accomplish their primary goals” pg. 5. In order for change to be successful it must be carefully planned by the managers and successfully implemented slowly to make certain they don’t scare away the employees. On the macro level this organization has several issues which will eventually cause this company to become extinct. Their processes are “archaic traditions”, their hiring process consist of mainly hiring family members of current employees. Also the employee’s contracts which guarantee pay even if there is no work will soon bankrupt this organization. Issues on the micro level are mainly the culture of this organization and the norms that they have become accustomed to and are reluctant to change. In my opinion this is detrimental to the success of this organization and will hurt them in the long run if it continues. Brown (2011) states, “Some patterns of behavior may be functional and may facilitate the accomplishment of organizational goals. Other patterns of behavior or cultural norms may actually inhibit or restrict their accomplishment” pg. 10. The morale of the employees is extremely low. Majority of their employees and managers are highly resistant to change and will form groups to oppose any new changes the company tries to implement. The staff and managers are comfortable in doing things the way they are used to and...
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