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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Personal memoir

The Aftermath of the Vietnam War
GRD 511 Academic Writing for Evaluation and Research
Vang, Hutho

The world may have known that there was a war called Vietnam War, however they may have not ever known the aftermath of its war. There had been several thousands of the Hmong people died consequently after the Vietnam War. In comparing the war itself, the Hmong soldiers who died in Vietnam War is less than the death of the aftermath of the war. Hmong people suffered greatly by capturing by the Vietnamese Communist Government after the American troops pulled out, hunger, ambushes and drowning to death in the Mekong river. The former CIA officers have known very well what reason they had recruited the Hmong for the Vietnam War. However, it has been kept secret until now. The help of the Hmong to American troops is known as “The Secret War in Laos.”

1975 Vietnam War ended however the consequence of the war never ends even today. The Hmong hill tribe was recruited by the American CIA embassy to block the Ho Chi Minh trail, which cut directly through Laos to South Vietnam. One of the Hmong soldiers that were recruited was my father. He fought for the American troops for more than a decade. Because of his service under the American troops, this had changed my family and thousands of the Hmong hill tribal lives forever. In late 1975, after American troops pulled out of South Vietnam and Laos, they never imagined what would happen to those who were helping them fight the North Vietnamese for decades. Now the Hmong people who were involved in the Vietnam War and those Hmong leaders who were with high military ranks escaped by airplane directly from Laos to Thailand. There were thousands of Hmong soldiers left behind in Laos, and one of those families was my family; who were unable to escape...
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