Noel: Time and Person Narrator

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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By Michael Plemmons

The story has a 3rd person narrator. It is not an omniscient narrator since the narrator doesn’t know everything that’s going on in everybody’s mind or at least the narrator isn’t telling us about any thoughts or anything like it. The angle is very narrow since the narrator isn’t giving us much detailed information about the characters or the scene. In the story there isn’t any main character. In the story we have three kinds of characters: the buyers, the seller and the items. In this case the buyers are the adults without a child that would like to rent one for Christmas Eve. The seller is the lady sitting at the front desk Mrs. Overton, since the narrator is applying to, that she is the owner of the shop. The narrator is describing Mrs. Overton as a strict lady which you can see by what she is saying. She also has a helper, called Mrs. Hathaway which is a maid like women, which takes care of the children at the shop. The two women are the only persons to talk in the whole story. The items are of course the children that are sold to the adults, who don’t have a child to spend Christmas Eve with. You don’t get much information about any of the children characters but you are told that there are 17 children total, and that at least three of them are girls: Christa, at the age of eight, Melinda who has a beautiful singing voice and Stephanie with a really sweet temper. There are also two pre-teenage boys with a stigma of pubescent mustache. They are the only ones not to get sold.

The story takes place in the present time. There isn’t much action at the scene, besides the children getting sold. The time span is just over a couple of hours but the narrator almost skips all the hours except for the moments in the beginning and in the end.

The story takes place in a modern time. The scene is in a shop or a more like a home where you can buy children. It is probably located, not at the center of the city but a tit bit out. We are in...
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