Noco Soccer Academy

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Need Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 19, 2009
NOCO Soccer Academy Jermain Dyer has many good ideas to market his soccer academy; however he needs to obtain a marketing orientation and target groups in order to obtain his final goal of building a soccer complex. He has many good ideas for expanding his academy but he also has ideas that are not going to help him expand in a positive way. The current customer retention rate is eighty percent, which is very good; his problem is after the kids turn fourteen and fifteen they do not return to the soccer academy. In order for Jermain to keep the kids in his academy he will need to obtain a marketing orientation, identify target groups and conduct extensive research before making any big moves. Although Jermain has many different age groups that come to his soccer academy which are; ages six-nine, ages ten to thirteen and ages fourteen and over, this study will be examining the age group of ten to thirteen. This is the age group that contains most of his customers, but this is also the group that does not return. A marketing orientation will identify the needs and wants of this age group by exploring the product, price, promotion and place to obtain revenue and success for Jermain’s soccer academy. At the ages of ten to thirteen the needs of these players will be to continue to learn the rules, regulations and fundamentals of soccer. The wants of them will be to have a good time and gain dedication to a sport that Jermain has dedicated his life to. There would be three different sessions to attend; players would have to attend each session to get a full learning experience. The sessions would be three to six weeks and could be paid for in full or by session. Each week there would be two learning sessions and possibly a game or scrimmage at least once a week. At the end of these sessions, each player could have the opportunity to participate in a tournament. To promote his academy, Jermain needs to offer discounts to his players to please the parents as well as...
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