Noboby Likes to Be Scolded

Topics: Subject, Causality, Person Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Nobody likes to be Scolded
Scolding is a form of correction when a person has done something wrong. It is generally accepted in daily practice….provided it is done with proper attention to “correcting” the matter rather than to humiliate or to degrade a person. In view of the latter case, it is obvious that nobody likes to be scolded. The harsh words and improper use of derogatory remarks often causes much emotional trauma. This trauma is unseen and is a silent character building stone when one grows older. Science has proven that very often the habits of poor upbringing continue through the generation. In retrospect, even good upbringing applies just as well in the molding of good character for the future. When a teacher, parent or guardian takes to scolding a child, student or trainee, due consideration must first be given to the subject of cause and effect. Very often, when this is overlooked and tempers begin to flair out of control, words that do more harm than good are used. “You are so stupid!”, “How dumb are you?”, “You are a fool!” are just some of the many degrading remarks that are labeled onto the victim. A child grows up learning from mistakes and sometimes these mistakes are unintentional or ignorantly done. Other times, it may just be instigated by another party. And when such a situation occurs, then the ‘scolding’ seems undeserved. No one likes to be scolded. No one likes to intentionally make a mistake as well. Very often it is due to a lack of understanding in the situation. I have done mistakes in my life and it has made me a better person today. I am still not a perfect person but I have to thank my parents for who I am today. Our parents are lovingly strict with my brothers and I. They take the time to hear us out and continuously encourage us to be a better person. Many times we would hear of how our parents were treated when they were young and this would reflect on us indirectly as we grow up and learn to be better persons in the...
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