Noah Paper

Topics: English-language films, Noah's Ark, Old Testament Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: April 17, 2009
Outline Times of the Old Testament Cultures/Environment Ethics Noah the Man Where is Noah from Noah’s family God and Noah God calls Noah Noah’s response to God The building of the Ark Dimensions and Material What others said to Noah After the flood Leaving the Ark Populating the Earth Modern Thought Finding the Ark Mount Ararat Conclusion Noah Imagine living in a word full of evil; aworld where man was out of control and wicked. This is a world where man did what he wanted without regard to God. Also,imagine in this world that it had never rained. Your environment was perfect. What would you do if someone then asked you to build a boat because rain was going to come and destroy the earth? I would probably think he was crazy. Now imagine that this was God who asked you to build theboat and take your family with you. In a time where evil was wide spread it would probably not be easy to follow God, especially when he was asking such a large task. Noah was willing to take on this task for his God. He knew it was the right thing to do and he was being called by God. Because he saw past the evil and chose to do what was right and follow God, Noah is a righteous man. When Noah felt it was time to leave the ark he sent out a raven and it kept flying back and forth until the waters were gone. Then Noah sent out a dove but it returned to Noah on the ark. Noah then waited seven days and sent out the dove again. This itme the dove returned with an olive leave. After seven more days he sent out the dove again and this time the dove did not return. God then told Noah to come out of the ark.(Gen, 7.) From these findings in modern times we can see that Noah’s Ark is not just a story but is a true happening. Noah had the faith to follow God in bad times. It was said that Noah was a righteous man and did as God asked. We can see by these findings that Noah was a...
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