No Worries

Topics: The Incident, The Police, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: April 3, 2011
No Worries

Mental illness is a condition which has far-reaching consequences for more than just the victim. In this book Ruby may be the victim but she causes many consequences for Bri, Mick, Aunty Joan and even the Fish and Chip shop owner Joseph. Starting off by stating the reasons how Ruby’s illness has effected Bri. Bri is incredibly shy and doesn’t have many friends this is Bri’s way of keeping quiet about his mother. The one friend that Bri does bring home Ruby has one of her breakdowns and attacks Liam, Liam then retaliates to Bri which causes a fight. Bri loses sleep over stressing for his mother when really he should be stressing about ‘normal’ teenage problems; such as girl problems, school, and work. Bri is constantly getting embarrassed by his mother for example the incident with the police when Ruby calls Bri a Stalker, or as more of us can relate to getting embarrassed in front of our friends. Mick now lives outside in the back shed as consequence of Ruby’s illness. Mick couldn’t handle Ruby’s mood changes so he left. Mick leaving Bri inside with his mother and caused a relationship between the both of them to be a lot like the relationship Bri has with his work mates which in this case isn’t appropriate. Aunty Joan

Joseph the Fish and Chip Shop owner

This text ‘No Worries’ sends the message that ‘Growing up can be very painful.’ Dealing with the opposite sex, Family issues, learning about love, heart break and saying goodbye
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