No Woman No Cry

Topics: Religion, 21st century, Human Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Here’s a topic that keeps popping everywhere these days, religion. It seems like every time I read the news there’s this psycho blowing up people under the banner of Islam, Islam a word that directly translates to peace. I still think all religions are peace loving, but the world can’t see that anymore. And how could they when the media only covers the cowardly, ignorant, and uneducated minority that bastardised their believes. I haven’t practiced is years, but I still believe, I still have faith. However, is it so bad to be religious in the 21st century? Almost every other movie or TV series I watch keeps pushing atheism on me. The most recent being a movie called “Paul” about a cool alien that meets with these two nerds, and they make fun of the silly little christen girl until she converts, the end. Do the smart, educated, and scientific people seriously “believe” in evolution, even though none have been documented in recent history? That the human race came from monkeys? Isn’t that just as silly as believing in a higher power? And yet both sides make fun of each other, calling each other ignorant. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” Is a phrase that is popular in the defense of gun control. It states the obvious that guns don’t go off without some kind of human intervention. I believe that the same can be said about all of the popular religions. That they are fundamentally peaceful, there to comfort their believers and make them better people, either by doing good things or deterring from doing harm. How is that a bad thing?
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