No Weapon on Campus

Topics: Virginia Tech massacre, Columbine High School massacre, Weapon Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: March 2, 2011
According to the article “Gun safety, Texas-style” an editorial from the Los Angeles times, the article presents that in order to avoid campus tragedy or school shooting happens, the Texas government may establish a law that allow students to carry gun on campuses. As the campus shooting tragedy happened in the past, the law’s supporters think most of times the schools lack of ability to protect students. They believe the best defense way is the students have ability to fight back when students face to gunmen. The purpose of allowing students carry guns on campus is to prevent future recurrence of the campus tragedy. In my personal view, campus shooting tragedy is unfortunate for civil education and we oppose any violence on campus. Therefore, I definitely do not agree students should carry guns to school. Guns become legal on campus will lead to more crime. If carry guns is legal on campus, both teachers and students would live in fear because they do not know when they will suffer dangerous no matter how students failure their exam, quarrel with their lover or having argue after drunk. From the article, the Virginia Tech campus happen shooting tragedy in 2007. The student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people because he did not satisfy the wealth person and want to against them. On the other hand, he had argued with his girlfriend and thought his girlfriend fall in love with someone. Because of these unhealthy psychological and emotional led to his crime and led to 32 innocent students death. The second reason that I do not agree students should carry guns to school because that will increase student’s suicide opportunity. As we know, students not only have to face course work pressure, but also have to face work pressure in the future. Some people who are introverted, they do not like to share their opinions or tell someone their pressure. They only put their thoughts in their mind that will easy to make them go to the wrong way. When I was in high school...
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