No Two Generations See Eye to Eye- Essay

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Published Titles
Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems
Mariesa Crow
Distribution System Modeling and Analysis
William H. Kersting
Electric Drives
Ion Boldea and Syed Nasar
Electrical Energy Systems
Mohamed E. El-Hawary
Electric Power Substations Engineering
John D. McDonald
Electric Power Transformer Engineering
James H. Harlow
Electromechanical Systems, Electric Machines,
and Applied Mechatronics
Sergey E. Lyshevski
The Induction Machine Handbook
Ion Boldea and Syed Nasar
Linear Synchronous Motors:
Transportation and Automation Systems
Jacek Gieras and Jerry Piech
Power Quality
C. Sankaran
Power System Operations and Electricity Markets
Fred I. Denny and David E. Dismukes
Electric Power Distribution Handbook
Tom Short

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The Electric Generators Handbook
Ion Boldea
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In industrialized countries, distribution systems deliver electricity literally everywhere, taking power generated at many locations and delivering it to end users. Generation, transmission, and distribution — of these big three components of the electricity infrastructure, the distribution system gets the least attention. Yet, it is often the most critical component in terms of its effect on reliability and quality of service, cost of electricity, and aesthetic (mainly visual) impacts on society.

Like much of the electric utility industry, several political, economic, and technical changes are pressuring the way...
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