No Taxation Without Repesentation

Topics: American Revolution, Democracy, United States Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Explain the meaning of the revolutionary slogan ‘no taxation without representation’. How did that express the core values of the new American political culture?
Under American Revolution we understand politic developments in British colonies in North America in 1775-1783, which ended up creating the United States. They were caused by the unwillingness of the colonies to obey to the interests of the metropolis. The slogan that best expressed the cause of the revolution was ‘No taxation without representation’. It was widely used as a main complaint to royalty and colonial administration during the American Revolution. The slogan originated in the 50 - 60 years of the XVIII century, when British colonists in America began to realize that in spite of their large number and business activities, which are taxed, they have no representation in the Parliament and cannot exercise their rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, adopted in 1689. Let’s look a little bit closer to the history.

In the 1760s British Parliament for the first time started a massive taxation of Americans, violating the fundamental bourgeois legal precept - no taxation without representation. Residents of the province were used to and wanted to continue to pay only the taxes that have been approved by their own elected representatives in local assemblies. Britain took, in addition, a law forbidding Americans to move to the vacant land. This law affected rich landowners, whose entrepreneurial appetites were dramatically reduced; and also small and poor farmers, who had been taken away a cherished dream of their own land. It was followed by political repression: restrictions on freedom of religion, the abolition of jury trials, the privacy of home and property, entry of the British troops in North America. Many of these decrees and laws came from the monarch, but in contrast to earlier times the freedom and rights of Americans have been actively suppressed and limited also by the British...
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