No Sex Before Marriage

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  • Published : November 22, 2011
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I know sex before marriage is not the right thing to do, but why? Who has the right to tell me that it is wrong? There are so many different perceptions toward this central knowledge claim. I have been told in church, by my priest that sex before marriage is bad- this called authority. Authority is an important part of how we believe and act. Is authority always right? Authority is only sometimes a one man descion, which then is only one person’s perception towards it. Our religions Christianity, Islamic, Jewish and other religions have said that sex before marriage is a sin and shouldn’t be conducted. Authority’s strength is that many people follow them, so it creates a combined believe. The weakness for authority, its only one-person perception. Feeling can create thinking that sex before marriage is bad, if we don’t feel very comfortable become someone has told us, we believe that sex isn’t good before marriage which then creates personal feelings. The weakness towards feeling is that you can’t always know exactly how you’re feeling. The strengths are that we feel more comfortable following our gut feelings. Social norm, everyone else is doing it which then makes you follow him or her. We do that in an every day life, I also do that. When someone else has it, you want it to because you don’t want to feel left out. This goes back to authority, many people use celebrities in their advertisements and many people look up to them because they pretty and successful and are so famous and causes people to think if they do or have what that person has, it makes them pretty, successful and famous. Sex before marriage has become a less serious matter, because of newer generation creating new technology for safe sex and also many people aren’t getting married anymore, and just being partners for life. Rules are changing and authority is changing and many people are going again no sex before marriage.
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