No Secrets Act

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No secrets:
Guidance on developing and implementing
multi-agency policies and procedures to protect
vulnerable adults from abuse

There can be no secrets and no hiding place when it comes to Foreword exposing the abuse of vulnerable adults. The Government’s White Paper, ‘Modernising Social Services’, published at the end of 1998, signalled our intention to provide better protection for individuals needing care and support. This is being taken up through the Care Standards Bill.

No Secrets guidance In 2000, the Government published a national framework, ‘No Secrets', for councils with social services responsibilities, local NHS bodies, police forces and other partners to develop multi-agency codes of practice to prevent and investigate abuse. Department of Health (DH) has launched a consultation on the review of the 'No Secrets' guidance. 'No Secrets' guidance - on the DH website. - See more at:

History of No Secrets[edit]
The No Secrets (England) and In Safe Hands (Wales) documents were issued as guidance in 2000, under section 7 of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970. Section 7 guidance does not carry the same status as legislation; instead local authorities have their compliance assessed as part of a statutory inspection process. With ‘good reason’ a local authority can ignore such guidance, but may be called to justify their actions on judicial review. When a referral is made to the local authority under adult protection / safeguarding, the case is allocated to a qualified social worker or specially trained care manager to undertake and investigate the allegation of abuse. The investigation can be a single agency led investigation, often led by the social worker or care manager or multi agency led, either with another statutory body such as the police, trading standards or a healthcare professional.

Government departments have
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