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Topics: Résumé, Cover letter, Application for employment Pages: 3 (567 words) Published: March 20, 2013
College and Career Options
Course Syllabus and Classroom Expectations
Spring 2013

Course Overview
This course is designed to get you to think about your future as a college student and/or professional. We will explore possible paths that you can take and ways to get there. Through this course, we hope to prepare you for the application processes of your senior year and for life after high school.

Course Objectives
* You will become familiar with career and college options through a variety of learning activities and experiences. * You will explore your own interests, values, strengths, and challenges so that you can make self-aware decisions about your future. * You will prepare documents for the application processes of your senior year. * You will utilize the Naviance program to assist in these objectives.

Course Rules and Expectations
This course is preparation for the real world. We will hold your behavior to collegiate and professional standards. * Be polite and positive when dealing with instructors, speakers, and classmates. * Participate. Listen when others are speaking.

* Work cooperatively in small and large groups.
* Be on time. Turn in assignments on time.
* Come prepared to class.
* Uphold community values.
* Do your best work.

You will be evaluated on several major assignments detailed below. These will account for 70% of your grade. In addition to these, you will receive participation/check-in/homework scores that take the expectations above into account. These scores will compose the other 30% of your grade.

Career Planning Project: 100 points, due January 28th
Resume: 50 points, due February 11th
Internship Cover Letter: 40 points, due February 11th
Mock Interview: 50 points, to be scheduled week of February 11th-15th Personal Budget Project: 100 points, due April 19th
ACT Completion: 100 points, on April 23rd
College Research Assignment: 100 points, due May...
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