No Ones Life Is More Valuable

Topics: Equals sign, Equality, Assignment Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: January 26, 2013
No One’s Life Is More Valuable than Another
No one is ever more important than someone else, whether you are comparing a professional doctor to a regular fast food working person. They might not have had the same opportunities as others did. For example, one could have grown up wealthy, while the other grew up barely getting by. Therefore the doctor in my opinion had the chance to go to medical school and become what he/she is, while the other one couldn’t because of where he/she grew up and didn’t have the same benefits. For people to be equal they all need to think in the same way. One example, in other countries men are to be more valuable than women. In other words the man is the provider and he is the one that takes care of his family financially. Also in some other countries the mother and father, mainly more the father choose their daughters future husband at a very young age. Not everybody believes that we are equal but we are. Men may seem physically stronger but everything men do so can woman. For as long as it has been women have come forth to proving and making sure they are getting treated equally.

One might object that some people are more valuable. Some people think that because they have more money, popularity, and power we are not equal. One may have money or power that they may believe that they are higher or not equal to others. While this may be true, the constitution states that all men and women are equal. Many people have different opportunities to either go to college or not. Reason being is because financially they can’t afford to go and make something out of themselves. While those that do have the opportunity to go, they can actually become something. With all been said it doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money, power and popularity you have, you can still make it and become anything you dream of. A lot of people have come from the bottom and made it up to the top. Equality is important and needs to be seen...
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