No One Is Above the Law-Rules Sometimes Need to Be Broken

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Throughout the whole world, wherever a community develops, people have found the necessity to elaborate rules of conduct. Laws are the way humans provide boundaries in order to live peacefully in an organized society so as to achieve progress and evolution. However, all the way through history, there have been several stages at which rules needed to be broken, consequently leading to a dramatic change in the civilization and the development of social order.

Since the very beginnings of humanity, regulation and principles have organized small groups of individuals as well as whole nations, finally deriving in the coordination of the whole planet. Individuals search for stability in every aspect of life, either emotionally or, in this case, socially, exposing its drive from a need rather than from an imposition. Laws are established by men who are appointed by their own public, therefore allowing the risk of being dismissed whenever the society believes it is right to, and vetoing the threat of a tyrannous leader. Moreover, rules have always adapted to times, changing with its own people and refreshing with new ideas and cultures. Thus, regulations have become each day more flexible, permitting them to be bent to every extent, though always severe enough so as not to be lead into chaos.

Nevertheless, laws seem to be too rigid, too severe, too authoritarian to some extent. Laws usually do not seem to consider enough all the facets and circumstances of tangible life. Such as in emergency life situations, should the law be put above life too? Right from the first phases of human life, rules were made to be broken. Rules are made to be broken but only at some time when drastic changes need to be carried out. Such as when Jesus Christ broke the law and cured penniless on Saturdays, or when Mandela put an end to Apartheid. As time has demonstrated, sometimes, but only sometimes, laws are meant to be trespassed in order to call the attention and emphasize the...
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