“ No One Can Be Free Unless He Is Independent. Therefore, the First Active Manifestations of the Child’s Individual Liberty Must Be so Guided That Through This Activity He May Arrive at Independence”.

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  • Published: August 28, 2011
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DMT 106 – Language

Essay Topic

“Language lies at the root of that transformation of the environment that we call civilisation”. * Dr. Maria Montessori.
How is language encouraged in the Montessori prepared environment?
A Language differentiates a community from one another but at the same time it also unites and binds people of different background and races together through a common language. Language is required to understand speech and to convey our thoughts, feelings and our wants. It unites individuals and it develops consistently according to the need of their mind. It is through communication that human beings have collaborated with each other to solve common problems and based on written and oral language in particular that each generation has passed on its accumulated wisdom to the next. “Language, we may say, grow with human thought.”(Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p109). The process of language and speech development which influences children into social and emotional interaction begins right from birth. The significant time of language development in a child’s life is from birth to six years, which Montessori described as Sensitive Periods. Their primary caretakers during these years are often their parents with whom they interact the most, influence the language development. Thus, home is the first prepared environment where a child is exposed to facial and verbal interaction. The Montessori prepared environment provides this in an appealing and ordered way. The materials in the environment are appealing to a child’s sensitive periods, like language with its nebulae for reading. It is planned and maintained by the directress in such a way that the child is free to educate himself independently and with ease. "We like to live in an orderly environment because it ministers to a sense of comfort in us, and aids our...
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