No Name Woman

Topics: Family, Patriarchy, Gender role Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: January 9, 2013
A Man’s World
In many countries all over the world, including China, patriarchy is the overruling belief system of granting men more authority, social power, and political power than women according to historian and author, Dr. Robert Guisepi. In many instances, women are treated no differently than slaves with no voice in decisions or control over what happens in their houses. Our author, Maxine Hong Kingston, writes major themes surrounding the life of a Chinese immigrant that lived in a patriarchal society and kept those beliefs even after living in the United States for many years (Kingston). Being the daughter of first-generation immigrants that owned a laundry in Stockton, California, gave her a unique insight into the life of a Chinese immigrant and what life in China was like for her parents and grandparents. Her major titles were under the theme of “The Woman Warrior” and included: No Name Woman, White Tigers, Shaman, A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe, and General ( In 1981, Kingston won the Guggenheim Fellowship for Fiction, an award that is given to the best artistic and creative talent ( In the story, No Name Woman, we are taken into the world of a woman who has sexual relations outside of her marriage and ends up pregnant. We soon discover that because of the patriarchal system in China during 1924, the pregnant woman was probably forced by a male in the village to submit to sexual demands (Kingston). Worse yet, the man most likely participated in the subsequent assault and shaming of the pregnant woman and her family. Because all of the control lies with the men of the family or village, the patriarchal system often leads to abusive gender bias and violence against women, including rape and pregnancy that inevitably become the fault of the woman with the man or attacker bearing no responsibility or blame. In the beginning of the story, we discover that the narrator’s aunt is pregnant even though her husband has been away for...
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